I've loved art since I was quite young.  Never had much confidence in what I made, or what medium I chose though.  Took a few art and jewelry making classes in high school and enjoyed it but when I struck out on my own to create, I felt I fell flat in my expectations.  Then came my marriage, career, children ... not much time for a busy working mother to enjoy fine art.  

35 years later, I retired ... and had a lot of time on my hands to fill.  Through my very good friend, Mary Marin, I found the Grand Valley Artists here in Grand Rapids, Michigan.  What an inspirational group they are!  I have learned so much just being around them every Friday for still life painting.  They are very supportive ... and offer a lot of advice with my paintings.  I go to critique night - when I'm brave enough - to learn from these seasoned artists what I can do to be a better artist.  They are truly inspirational and I've learned so much.

So here I am, feeling confident enough to put my work on the website!  I've come a long way from that awkward youngster with no confidence.  

I hope you enjoy what you see ... and if something looks like you just have to have it, please contact me.